On October 8 2018, fellowship departure to Bromo starts from Sukabumi station, it tooks 27 hours trip, 24 hours on the train, 3 hours from Malang station to the homestay under the foot of Mt. Bromo.

     There is 33 fellowship members who took this trip. After we arrived at around 2:00 a.m., we go to the location that we have planned, named Kingkong Hill & Pananjakan Hill, but unfortunately that day the Kingkong & Pananjakan hills is conflagration and we could only enjoy the sunrise from the hill of love. Around 12 degrees Celsius up there was cooler than my last trip with my Meloria’s crew, we do a lot of things there, the activities can be seen from the photos below,

     Fellowship is Sukabumi wedding photographer discussion forum, theres around 40 wedding photo brands are in the forum. Our main goals is to advance industrial wedding especially in Sukabumi area. To build quality human resources in producing visual artworks because fellowship is an important role. Maintaining a relationship, learning to respect fellow professions, building cohesiveness, motivating yourself, opening a discussion forum is part of fellowship’s result. Bromo trip was one of ways to maintain our friendship, open new perceptions, experience, and explore creativity,Because of just one trip we can get a lot of knowledge.

   Our encounter is a blessing for me. We met to complete each other, to bring happiness. Knowing her until now makes me want to be with her forever. I am a quiet man, while she is a cheerful woman. Her joyfulness gives a spark in my life. Until the time comes that I chose to marry her, and it didn’t take long for me to decide something that I will face the rest of my life.

   She said, capture every single moment of us so that our grandchildren can see our love. Certainly it’s not easy for us to choose a photographer, because the most precious moment will be captured forever in a photograph. And she found the best of the best. Day by day I become more certain that she is the one. With our best choice, we are extremely thankful to Meliora who have done an extraordinary work to give the best result as we wanted. Our memories can be shared through a photograph.

Indah and Hebert .