we dont have so many things in common, starting from the genre of film, music, and food, but we feel comfortable, understand each other, thats why we decide to get married.

we often miss moments without a photo,and when we realize a photo is important for memories,meliora helps to capture it in a beautiful way.

Nurul and Fajri


From the wedding Sarah & Aghata
Decoration: @kabitawedding
Akad attire: @sherlygriyapengantin
Bride reception attire: @hahsa.atelier
MUA: @mutiarapermata_mua
Mom attire: @load.id
Photo: @meliora.pictures
Video: @videology.id
Macrame: @serojahomedecor
Ringbox: @artpress.lasercut
Mahar frame: @rusticindonesia
Seserahan: @seserahan.kyta
Music: @soulnationmusic
Catering: @yosidarncatering
Fake nail art: @bebless_nailart
Bride shoes: @prettyfitshoes_id

      Our love story begin in 2013. We were a best friend in university. We never thought our relationship will going this far. The feeling seem to grow more every single day. We love each other, we care each other as a friend and as a lover. The simplicity is the best part of our love. We do what we want, we do what we love. We don’t have many things in common. But we are respectful and accepting of each others. I love her with everything she had. And i want to share a lifetime of laughter, love and happiness together.

       We choosed meliora picture for capturing our precious moment together. It was such an amazing work. Thank you for the beautiful photograph, we love it so much.

Rey and Lina.