My name is Hendra Herdyana. I am a wedding photographer and founder of Meliorapictures, I spent my youth growing in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia.
Inspired by my best friend, in 2015 when my passion is start photography and establish Meliora name.
My passion approach is wedding photography and photojournalism. I will know you as a couple and as an individual. My goal is to understand who you are and the love what you share. This allows me to capture you in the most honest ways.
I work locally and nationally. I love to explore new places and new locations.
Photography isn’t just my job. This is my passion. When I am not photographing for a wedding, I photograph a private job. This allows me to draw inspiration into my wedding photography.


My name is Nita Febia,
I’m manager of Meliorapictures.
Photography is an art and more than process of producing images, especially light on a sensitive surface.
My first meet with Meliorapictures i feel found my passion photography in there.
In Meliorapictures i keep big dreams to better life, to help other people for documentary wedding photography is all about capturing the moment and following the passion of the day, we go before moments that appeal to us from the inside and we strive to capture the emotions and energy of the day through the still image.
For me, an image absolutely has to have context and tell a story to the viewer.I grown in Sukabumi West Java Indonesia. Reading a book about humanity, human’s personality, human’s interest, dreams, quote, spirit and all about life, its my hobby.
My another hobby is traveling, I love to travel, to explore, to discover, to meet new people, to have new experiences and the last to share my experiences with the world. Free dive is my new hobby, i learn from ocean about humble, tiny, and inspired, someday i hope be able around the ocean and swim together with million fish.
I’m banker since more than 6years ago. I’ve been stay in Jakarta to finished my banking study but now i stay in Sukabumi.